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Bold, chill clothing for iconic folks who are ready to show the world who the f* they are.

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Bold, chill clothing for iconic folks who are ready to show the world who the f* they are.

Dani Driusso is the powerhouse voice and leadership coach behind the Unleash Your Voice podcast. With an extensive background in performance and over six years in the personal development game, Dani has built her career around helping people take radical responsibility of their lives by embracing their humanness, loving their journey, and owning their “extra.” Dani’s playful approach to personal development inspired her book “Get Off Your A$$ & Into Your Life”, an immersive experience that has moved countless folks to take action, overcome their fears and no longer apologize for who they are in this world.

More fun facts about Dani:

In addition to a BFA in theatre from the University of Calgary, Dani is influenced by over 10 years of experience teaching Special fx makeup and working professionally with major makeup brands in Canada. She has spent over 5 years working with kids as an instructor for local theatre companies as well as a performer. She was a clown for the International Children's festival for two years in a row and has spent time in countless schools helping kids embrace their inner icon and cultivate self-trust and confidence.

With a smile on her face (and a laugh you can probably hear from down the hall), Dani loves to bring fun and immersive experiences to each classroom, which empowers students to utilize their voice and ideas. Outside of (all the things) - Dani can be found speaking across Canada to emerging leaders, highlighting topics of identity, confidence and the power of unleashing our voice.